Payday loan – consolidation of payday loans up to PLN 7,000 for 30 months. Low monthly installment with debt relief. A summary is on

Payday loan - reviews and information for people interested in debt relief

Payday loan – reviews and information for people interested in debt relief

Loan amount: 3000 – 7000
The borrower’s age: 25 – 80 years old
Self deposit no
Maximum loan period up to 30 months
Interest 10%
APRC 97%
Maximum installment PLN 497.92
Loan without BIK Yes
Credit holidays no
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Payday debt loan

Payday debt loan

Payday loan offers its clients the opportunity to take advantage of a financial injection for debt repayment even up to 30 months. Payday debt loan is an opportunity to consolidate a few or a dozen or so payday loans into one loan.

Repayment of payday loans with us is a chance to avoid the phenomenon of a credit loop, which arises in the situation of having a large number of scattered short-term liabilities payable simultaneously. Since our maximum loan amount is as much as PLN 7,000, this loan can be used to consolidate non-bank loans into a single loan.

Consolidation of payday loans into loan?

If the sum of your liabilities is less than PLN 7,000, obtaining a debt loan will allow you to repay your liabilities once and have only one active loan obligation.

If the debt loan is not able to cover all other liabilities, the suggested solution is consolidation of payday loans with another product from the series of debt loans (see: loans for consolidation of payday loans )

Does payday loan check BIK?

Does payday loan check BIK?

It is impossible to clearly specify (on the basis of the loan regulations) whether the payday loan is a loan without BIK or payday checks the base of the Credit Information Bureau.

The payday loan, in a sense, lets the eye of its potential clients say: “we can not, we do not want to write directly that loan without BIK is, however, read carefully that although we mention the name of BIK among debtors’ lists , we do not explicitly say that we check you there”

Is it worth taking a loan ?

Is it worth taking a loan ?

When assessing our offer in terms of debt relief, we do not think about the amount of costs that are not low. For a consumer who has to consolidate payday very quickly, every offer is good. If only she would fulfill her role and let her debts be forgiven. Without this, for example, a person who is able to pay, for example, 7,000 zlotys due to payday loans in one month will fall into a vortex of debt collection and then a debt enforcement order.

Thanks to loans for payday loans the consumer with virtually no prospects to get out of payday debts, suddenly gets a chance to save himself at the last minute. Payday loan, treated as a debt relief loan (consolidation of payday loans) allows you to spread your financial mistakes up to 30 months.

That’s a lot and thanks to this the payment for mistakes will not be so painful. And the time needed to pay off will allow you to live normally and at the same time pay off your debts. For many, it will be both a way out of debt and a lesson in the future that will allow you to stay away from non-bank loans and punctuation products for life.

Payday loan – what does the installment consist of?

A non-bank loan is usually not cheap. This also applies to Payday loan consolidation. And although the cost of the loan is determined by the APR, for many people who probably know what the APY is , the indicator is still not very understandable.

To meet your expectations, we show the real face of the Payday loan in graphic form. What is the real monthly cost of the loan for indebtedness in the case of the loan mentioned above.