The requirements at the time of signing loan agreement are as basic as possible, however the contractor should be prepared with all the required documents. Usually the RG – identity card and CPF, your housing information, bank transfer data and the last paycheck are shown.  Take into consideration some factors at the time of signing the contract of your new personal or consigned loan. Always choose the best alternative. You have available a multitude of banks and financial online, it is always beneficial to do some interest rate research and wisely choose the best opportunity you find.


Best Interest –


Best Interest -


Although it is difficult to get discounts on interest rates on loans, there are always chances of getting a discount on the rate in certain cases, and you can save a good money applicants flex tables.


Payment term –

Payment term -


It is always advisable to repay the loan on the due date to avoid fines, charges and penalties. In some ways it is possible to anticipate installments, this can improve your credit rating. So, set as the lender the best plan to repay the loan.

Read the fine print of the contract – Watch carefully the terms and conditions of the loan requested, read the fine print. If you do not understand a particular clause or rule, ask for clarification to avoid any misunderstanding or future problems.


Costs and charges –


Costs and charges -


Like most loan and loan agreements, there is a huge chance the underwriting agreement will contain hidden charges, fees and penalties. If you suspect suspicious clauses, it is best to try to fix the problem before signing anything.

Understand your rights – Each institution has its own rules and credit policies for lending. It is in your own interest to understand which laws govern certain lines of credit.

Think of the interest rate as an investment to the contrary, they all know that the interest and charges charged by banks and financiers on loans are at least high.

You need to have a real reason to borrow money at interest through financial operations. Lend money only in emergencies or in unavoidable cases and not to pay for recreational activities (fun).